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Community Development and Care / Care for the Disadvantaged and Education
Based on a decade of the philosophy “contribute to society with the benefits taken from society” and the purpose of “good-neighborliness”, a hundred of our employees grouped up and carried out “Zhonghe Village Nanrong Road and Xinghe Road Charitable Road Sweeping” at the location of the factory each month, and beautified the surrounding environments, including digging fertilizer holds for street trees surrounding Nanrong Road and in the parking lot for appropriate fertilization and pruning them regularly for the benefit of plants’ growth.

Apart from our long-term participation in local public affairs, the Company also invests resources in care for the disadvantaged and education resources in the hope of improving the difficult conditions faced by disadvantaged groups and eliminating those conditions through our minor contributions resource gaps. In 2022, the Company and the Employee Welfare Committee of the Company participated in the following local community and social welfare activities:
Fire fighter volunteers in Wuri, Taichung. Police volunteers and firefighter volunteers in the Dadu area
Jointly participated in local public affairs and organized fire exercises and fire control equipment examinations.

Taichung City Governance - Zhonghe Village, Dadu District, Taichung City - local temple
Set up rest area and mobile toilets when the Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage (organized by Dajia Jenn Lann Temple) passed by the plant.

Taiwan Rett Syndrome Association
Made donations to assist in the care of patients, families, and skill training.

Digital Humanitarian Association
Made donations to improve the medical resources of remote townships and provide care for senior citizens by utilizing digital technologies.

Barrier-free Living with Hearing Impairment Development Association in Taichung Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery
Made donations to assist persons with hearing impairment in employment skill training and subscribed to 1,415 charitable giftboxes.
Nearby junior high schools and elementary schools in Taichung
Provided scholarships and underprivileged student scholarships to Dadao Junior High School in Taichung City, Chuei Fen Primary School in Dadu District, Shiuhkuang Elementary School in Wuri District, and Wuri Elementary School.

Wellcome Trust
Made donations to promote medical relief and improve health services for citizens, and care for disadvantaged groups in terms of medication.

Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders
Made donations to assist patients with rare disorders and families in receiving comprehensive medical care.

Taichung Blood Center
Organized four blood donation events at WANG -TIEN FACTORY Area with cumulative participants of 123 persons, and 184 bags (250CC/bag) of blood were donated.

Total donation NTD 2.32 million