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Sustainability Committee
Over the years, the Company has been committed to the core philosophy of “Delivering Integrity and Equity, Bringing Prosperity and Growth”. The Company demonstrates its vision in implementing its corporate sustainable development goals to promote advancements in economic, environment, and society by formulating the sustainable development strategies and establishing a “Sustainability Committee” as the executing unit for the integration and tracking information on the Group's sustainability issues. The Committee's responsibility is to implement sustainability initiatives in the Group and to actively pursue sustainable development to gradually increase its positive influence on society and the environment.

The Chairman of the Board appointed the General Manager as the Chairperson of the “Sustainability Committee”. Under the supervision of the Board, the responsible department is appointed to identify environmental, social, or governance risks related to corporate operations and implement risk control and countermeasures based on the principle of materiality in accordance with the aspects of Environment, Social, and Governance, and collect issues of concern to stakeholders to serve as a material reference for the formulation of business strategies. We track and review the efficacy of the action plans and improvement plans on a quarterly basis, so that we can reasonably ensure achieving our sustainable development goals and emphasizing the stakeholders' rights and interests as well as the transparency of operational information.
The Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee regularly reports to the Board regarding communication with stakeholders and the management effects of various sustainability issues each year for the Board to examine the feasibility and foresight of these sustainability strategies and provide guidance or prompt adjustments in due course.

The following ESG topics were submitted to the Board of Directors in 2023. After reviewing the implementation direction and measures by the Board of Directors, the Company shall continue to submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors on the progress of the implementation of GHG inventories and verification. Other ESG implementation plans are assigned to be implemented by each unit in accordance with the plans.

Reporting date Reporting issue
  1. Report on the risk management of the Company.
  1. Report on the 2023 sustainable development promotional plan.
  2. Report on the promotion of GHG inventory and certification of the Company and its subsidiaries.
  1. Report on the promotion of GHG inventory and certification of the Company and its subsidiaries.
  1. Report on the promotion of GHG inventory and certification of the Company and its subsidiaries.
  2. Report on the status of preparation and verification of the 2022 Sustainable Development and Sustainability Report.
  1. Report on the promotion of GHG inventory and certification of the Company.
  2. Report on the promotion of ethical corporate management (promotion of ethical corporate management, intellectual property rights management, and cybersecurity management in 2023).

Sustainable Development Strategy


Business Integrity Ethics


Implement the corporate philosophy of Delivering Integrity and Equity, Bringing Prosperity and Growth to strengthen corporate governance system in shaping an ethical corporate culture.

A Balanced and Happy Work Environment


Maintain good partner relationships with the employees. Develop a systematic learning culture, trust the employees, and stimulate innovations for the enhancement of personal values and achievements.

Social Care


In the spirit of “Take from society, Give back to society”, Sinon utilizes corporate resources for inputs towards social charity work, stimulate shared prosperity of the local and society.


Green Innovations


Promote friendly/organic agriculture, actively develop environmental-friendly products and combining with the utilization of technology and integration of data information, change the agriculture production model.
Support the farmers to take care of the crops, raise revenues, attract youth population to join agriculture management, and improve the difficult circumstance in the gap of the farmer population.

Food Safety


Extending the corporate philosophy, build the safeguarding mechanism for agriculture product safety based on the crop protection core capability. Become a provider of products that are safe, healthy, and of good quality, creating corporate value chain.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction


Implement energy saving and carbon reduction measures, continue to enhance energy, and resource utilization rate.