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  • 2016

    Mr. Horng, Po-Yen succeeds as chairman.

  • 2015

    Sinon's commodities business is divested and transferred to Yumei Biotec Corporation.

  • 2013

    Our food safety inspection laboratory is established, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and obtaining domestic and foreign professional accreditation, providing pesticide residue analysis service in order to ensure peace of mind in food safety

  • 2013

    Poise Packing Co., LTD. is established.

  • 2012

    Yumei business is established to create our food safety brand through smart farms and the scientific management of food safety in terms of production and sales

  • 2012

    Sinon Chemical (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
    is established.

  • 2009

    Bio-Tech factory is established to
    develop and produce organic detergents

  • 2008

    Establishes a supermarket business division
    as an independent subsidiary, Funcom Supermarket

  • 2005

    Sinon Australia Pty Limited is established.

  • 2004

    Sinon Eu GmbH is established.

  • 2003

    Sinon USA Inc. is established.

  • 2002

    Sinon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established.

  • 2001

    Establishes Sinon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd to provide service and products across all provinces.

  • 2000

    Sinon has realizes its vision of “Rooted in Taiwan and marching towards the world” by establishing Sinon Brazil Co. to operate as an active member in the world stage.

  • 1999

    Our factory is established in Guangdong, China to expand the production and sales of household products

  • 1995

    Purchases the Sinon Bulls Professional Baseball Team.

  • 1993

    Establishes Sinon Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ,
    which marked the formal starting point of
    entering into finance industry.

  • 1990

    Syntai Chemicals Ltd. is established.

  • 1989

    Sinon Corporation is listed in the TWSE
    (Taiwan Stock Exchange).
    Mr. Yang, Wen-Ben succeeds as chairman.

  • 1989

    Household Product Division is established
    for the sales of commodities

  • 1988

    Applied accumulated fresh food processing technology and experience to set up the first supermarket in Caotun Town, Nantou County.

  • 1983

    Establishes Knowledge and Service Information Company to develop integrated computer software and hardware application services

  • 1982

    Establishes the first of many
    Sinon Supply Centers,which
    allow the farmers to be the direct
    beneficiaries of the price difference.

  • 1981

    Builds a food factory to supply mess,
    lunch boxes,and fresh food delivery

  • 1979

    Builds a plastics factory and begins
    customized packaging production.

  • 1979

    Sinon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    is renamed Sinon Corporation, and
    begins a series of business expansions.

  • 1976

    Builds a concrete factory to manufacture and sale ready-mixed concrete.

  • 1963

    Sinon Chemical Co., Ltd. is renamed
    Sinon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    A new factory was erected on one
    side of Dadu River, Wang Tien.

  • 1960

    Sinon Trading Co., Ltd., is established for
    the import and export of agrochemicals

  • 1959

    Sinon Chemical Factory is renamed
    Sinon Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • 1955

    Founded by Mr. Yang Tian-Fa as Sinon Chemical Factory for pesticide production and sales, launching the Sinon agricultural business.