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Material Topics
Product quality and customer satisfaction, Food Safety
Impact Description
Agriculture is the basis of human survival and development. The Company’s crop protection and nutrition culture business plays an important role in the prevention of plague and famine. Regarding the public’s high level of concern in food safety and sustainable agriculture, and the aging trend in the agriculture population, these are the important lessons for the Company’s sustainable development.
To be in line with the environmental protection and food safety market trends, the Company has collaborated with industry, government, and academia in technology transfer and research and development of friendly agricultural products, and has maintained good communication with customers and upgraded the service quality to ensure that our product quality is in compliance with regulations and meets the requirements of food safety. Therefore, it is expected that the Company will make positive contributions to the economy, environment, and the society.
  • Cultivation based on safe agriculture products and friendly environment, caring for the lands as the goal, utilize plant doctors’ professional techniques to service the agricultural villages. The doctors provide crop protection and nutrition cultivation solution, building safe agriculture and safe agricultural products.
  • Develop preventive materials that are safe and low toxic, in concert with the use of the chemical agents combinations, providing the farmers with the best solution plan for crop pests management.
  • Organize educational trainings and promotional activities, providing employees and farmers the concept and new knowledge on the correct use of pesticides.
Responsibilities and Appeal Mechanism
  • Established the “Customer service management procedural guide.” The Crop Protection Division will conduct product sales with various Sinon Supply Centers and farmers, and the handling and communications of customer service demands.
  Safety friendly products Modified chemical ingredients
of pesticides
Organize promotional activities Customer service satisfactory level
Goals for 2025 R&D 34 products Modified 50 products 530 
>97 %
Short-term goals R&D 15 products  Modified 46 products 464 
 >97 %
2022 Goal achievements R&D 15 products  Modified 46 products  497 
  99.2 %

Focus Case Study / “Photorhabdus luminescens 0805-P2R”, the first eco-friendly microbial agent for mite control

Through the technology transfer of “Photorhabdus luminescens 0805-P2R” developed by the Council of Agriculture, The Company developed the microbial agent, which is the first eco-friendly microbial agent for mite control in the agricultural industry worldwide. At present, the official review is underway, and once it is approved, the product will be available to farmers as an alternative to chemical pesticides. The Company was also honored with the “2022 Taiwan BIO Awards” - Innovation of the Year, the highest honor for biotechnology in Asia, for the development of this product.