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Material Topics
Occupational Health and Safety, Risk of InfeCtious Diseases
Impact Description
As the chemical industry uses a large volume of chemicals and large-scale machines and equipment in the manufacturing process, any accident may lead to a serious disaster. Therefore, factory safety management is not only an important issue for the Company's sustainable operation, but also the most important concern for laborers at work.
In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected employee attendance in the past 3 years, which in turn has impacted workplace safety management. The Company has established a sound safety culture and hazard management mechanism, promoted employee health, and continued to improve it in order to ensure sustainable business operations, as well as to provide a safe work environment that protects its employees, communities, and environment.

  • Strictly adhere to the local labor laws and related international human rights norms, build appropriate management system to protect employees’ rights and interests; Provide competitive salaries and diverse trainings, welfare measures, and develop a comprehensive mechanism for the selection, nurturing and retention of talents through industrial-academia cooperation.
  • Build a complete risk control system to prevent any possible hazards from occurring to guarantee the safety of the lives of personnel and company assets; Combine SNPM activities with Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) improvements, and increase manufacturing stability using SPC method to ensure factory safety and product quality.
Responsibilities and Appeal Mechanism
  •  We have set up a complaint mailbox, a sexual harassment complaint mailbox, hold regular labor-management meetings, and set up a safety and health committee. The Labor Safety Department, Human Resources Department, and full-time medical staff are responsible for communication and improvement on labor rights and occupational safety and health issues.
Human Resources
  Turnover rate Average number of
training hours per person
Goals for 2025 5%~10% ≥ 18 hours
Short-term goals  5%~10% 15 hours
2022 Goal achievements 6.5% 11 hours
Due to the impacts from COVID-19 in 2022, many physical courses were suspended resulting in the goal for the number of training hours is unable to be met. We continue to strengthen internal advocacy and planning of online video conference courses and building online learning platforms to benefit every unit for usage.
Workplace Safety
  FSI Number of incidents for
non-disabling injury
(minor injury)
Safety and
health training
completion rate
Goals for 2025 Zero incidents
Short-term goals < 0.3 <3 100%
2022 Goal achievements 0.21 3 100%