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Human Rights

The Company has established and implemented many regulations for internal staffs such as the “Human Rights Policy” and “Regulations Governing Personnel Management” in accordance with the labor laws and related international human rights standards. The regulations provide clear assurance of the labor rights and interests of the employees including hiring, remuneration, working hours, trainings, promotion and so on conditions without discriminations regardless of one’s gender, race, age, marital status, religion, political stance and family situations. We prohibit any forms of forced labor and conducts of discrimination and prohibit child labor strictly abide to the labor laws.

We have also introduced the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities and occupational health and safety management system and have passed the certifications for Occupational health and safety Management Systems ISO45001:2018 and the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System, TOSHMS (TOSHMS) CNS45001:2018. Various hazard prevention measures and their implementation are conducted accordingly to provide employees a work environment that is safe and healthy.
The Human Resource Department is responsible for the coordination of all employee rights. The Work Safety Department is responsible for the organization of labor safety and health related business. We provide an open and transparent communications mechanism and channels committed to driving a harmonious labor-management relationship.

Perform Human Rights Matters of Concern Evaluation and Management Measures
The Company supports and respects international related human rights charters, such as the “The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)”. Establish various management regulations to guarantee the legal rights of the employees and build an outstanding work environment through reasonable remuneration and promotion system. Adopt an open and fair communications mechanism and channel to achieve the goals of promoting equal rights at work and prohibiting discrimination.
Each year evaluate and review the effectiveness of the internal work procedures and management measures based on the five guidelines of the human rights policy to mitigate related risks of human rights issues.
2022 Evaluation results:
Labor rights and interests
  • Goals:Strictly abide to the local labor laws and related international human rights regulations and comply with the “Human rights policy” and charters for internal staffs, prohibits any forms of forced labor.
  • Assessment Target:All potential employees, All employees。
  • Management Measures:
    1. The organization of recruitment and procedures for hiring are in accordance with the “Employment Service Act” and various labor laws and regulations to ensure equal employment.
    2. Established a complete personnel charter and conduct regular reviews and corrections. Clearly stipulate the rights, obligations, and management matters of both parties for labor and management.
      Our personnel rules and regulations are available on our intranet for employees to access, and we also explain labor rights and benefits to new employees on the day they come on board and during new employee orientation.
    3. An attendance system is used to verify the employees' working hours. If the daily working hours are exceeded, the system will notify the employees to checks the facts and the need for overtime work. In addition, the overtime system is used to control overtime applications. Employees are allowed to work overtime only after they agree to it, after the supervisor in charge has evaluated the necessity of working overtime, and the system has verified that it meets the requirements of the Labor Act on Labor Attendance and Leave.
    4. The personnel unit of every department will regularly provide the employee leave chart to the unit’s manager to ensure the employees make proper leave arrangements.
    5. Regularly organize educational trainings on labor laws to assist managers and employee from the Personnel Department to construct a correct management concept.
  • Assessment Result for the Year:
    • Published the recruitment information. Disclose clear salary range and work content based on regulations to ensure symmetry in information for both labor and management parties.
    • There is no event of penalty for this year due to violation to the Labor Standards Act.
Prohibit child labor, Anti-discrimination
  • Goals:Prohibit the use of child labor throughout the workplace; Strictly prohibit any forms of discrimination and harassment conducts, regardless of one’s gender, race, age, marital status, religion, political stance, family situation and so on. Fulfilling equality in remuneration, hiring conditions, trainings, and promotion opportunities.
  • Assessment Target:All potential employees, All employees。
  • Management Measures:
    1. The Labor Standards Act stipulates that a worker over 15 years old, but less than 16 years old, shall be considered a child worker. The Company's personnel rules specify that new employees should be at least 16 years old, and no child worker is hired.
    2. The Company has formulated a standardized recruitment form and the HR department follows internal control procedures to interview candidates by phone in advance regarding the candidates' education background and experience. New employees are required to submit supporting documents (e.g., ID documents, education certificates) to avoid hiring child workers. 
    3. The organization of recruitment, and procedures for hiring are in accordance with the “Employment Service Act” and various labor laws and regulations to ensure equal employment and to promote job opportunities.
    4. Under the “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”, the Company implements measures to promote gender equality at work, by providing menstrual leave, maternity leave, prental checkup, pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves, and family care leave. The Company also establishes nursing rooms, and offers unpaid parental leave for raising children and other childcare measures.
    5. The Company has a resident physician and medical staff to conduct regular workplace risk assessments for female workers during pregnancy, after childbirth, or when breastfeeding.
    6. The “Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment” and the “Notice of Complaint” have been established to allow employees to file complaints when their lawful rights and interests are infringed or improperly handled. If an appeal case is confirmed to be factual according to the investigation outcome, the offender will be punished according to the level of severity of the case.
    7. In addition to providing the necessary food, clothing, housing and transportation for foreign workers, the Company also has dormitory administrators to help foreign workers cope with their daily chores, and have appointed interpreter to serve as a communication channel.
  • Assessment Result for the Year:
    • All the employees are over 18 years old. There have been no incidents on the use of child labor.
    • Job applicants need to submit various information and fill out application forms which are necessary information for the work.
    • All employees are granted leave in accordance with the law.
    • The 2022 reinstatement rate after unpaid parental leave is 100%. The retention rate for employees who returned to work in the previous year and as of 2022 those who remain is at 50%.
    • There are 2 nursing rooms in WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area. The Company also has signed two contracted nurseries and childcare centers and one contracted postpartum care center. 
    • At least 26 persons with disabilities have been recruited exceeding the laws and regulations requiring the recruitment of at least 13 persons with disabilities. Suitable positions have been arranged for them based on one’s conditions.
    • There have been no notifications and appeals of discrimination cases.
Create good Labor-management relations
  • Goals:Assist employees in maintaining health and well-being and work life balance. Provide smooth communications channel and committed to promoting harmonious labor-management relations.
  • Assessment Target:All employees。
  • Management Measures:
    1. Established the Employee Welfare Committee and the allocation of welfare funds for a fixed amount on a monthly basis, provide cash as gifts for weddings and condolences for funerals, scholarships for dependents, parental subsidies, hospitalization subsidies for employees and dependents, emergency payments, gifts, or vouchers for three festivals and so on.
    2. Organize various leisure activities, travels, department social events from time to time, and signed a corporate special stores cooperation agreement, to offer plenty of employee welfare measures.
    3. The Company subsidizes the costs for employee activities, venue fees and lecturer fees, to encourage employees to organize various leisure activities to relieve stress.
    4. Each year, organize the employee health checkup and health promotion activities. In concert with the employee health checkup results, keep track of the employees with high health risks to support them in their health management.
    5. Set up appeal channels to implement employee feedback mechanism and concept of gender equality. Regularly organize monthly meetings, seminars, advocate important company information and for employees to express their opinions.
  • Assessment Result for the Year:
    • The annual welfare expenditures exceeded NTD 16.45 million. Out of which, education subsidies stand at 20% and leisure and recreational activities stand at 80%.
    • There are 37 special contracted merchants, including national sports centers, restaurants, hotels, and kindergartens. As of 2022, 12 clubs have been established.
    • Organized the health promotion activities with an accumulated 1,549 participants.
    • Convened 4 labor-management meetings for the year and 4 safety and health committee meetings for the year.
    • For the WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area, meetings are arranged on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. They are the occupational health and safety related communications meetings or discussion meetings, weekly General Manager meetings, and monthly business unit meetings.
Provide a work environment that is healthy and safe
  • Goals:“Zero Hazard” as the management goal to promote continuous improvement, encourage employees to make innovative proposals, discover abnormal work or savings in expenses, design improvement plans. Execute various preventive measures and hazard prevention to provide employees a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Assessment Target:All employees。
  • Management Measures:
    1. Introduce ISO45001 Occupational health and safety management system and promote the Sinon-Productive-Management (SNPM) using 6S as foundation and QC technique to strengthen the corporate management.
    2. Regular inspection and maintenance of the workplace tunnels, lightings, fire control, buildings and so on mechanical equipment that is important to the labor safety and health. This is to ensure the environment and employee personal safety.
    3. Conduct identification and evaluation of risks on all types of hazards that might arise from the various processes, activities, facilities and manufacturing processes that involve personnel, mechanical equipment, raw materials, business methods. Utilize goals and management plans to lower high-risk hazards to achieve zero hazards as the goal.
    4. Each year, organize safety and health educational trainings and disaster prevention drills within the factory on a regular basis for the employees and vendors.
    5. Each quarter, review the source of occupational hazards and the occurrences of major false alert reporting. Develop countermeasures for the root causes.
  • Assessment Result for the Year:
    • Encourage employees to discover abnormal work. There were 371 reported cases which were false alarms, 128 cases for 4RKY reporting, 20 cases were completed for improvement plans of goals and management, an accumulated 5,620 participants for the work safety educational trainings (including drills).
    • There have been 2 cases of disabling injuries for the employees of WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area. Improvement measures and educational advocacy on the occupational hazard events have been implemented. FSI=0.21; Achievement of the set target FSI<0.3.