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Shareholders' meeting

2024 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
Date 2024/05/31 9:30 a.m
Venue No. 666, Sec. 2 Taiwan Boulevard, Taichung City |Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung)|physical shareholders meeting
Book closure period 2024/04/02~2024/05/31
Cause or subjects for convening the meeting 1、Report Items:
  1. Report on the Company's 2023 business operations.
  2. Audit committee's review report in 2023 of the Company.
  3. Report on the Company's 2023 distribution of remunerations to employees and directors.
  4. Report on the proposal of cash dividends of surplus earnings distribution for the Company in 2023.
2、Matters for Ratification:To ratify the Company's 2023 business report and financial statements.
3、Matters for Discussion:Discuss the amendment to the Company's “Procedure for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets”


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