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Shareholders' meeting

2021 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
Date original:2021/06/22 9:00 a.m
Venue original:No. 666, Sec. 2 Taiwan Boulevard, Taichung City |Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung)
Book closure period 2021/04/24~2021/06/22
--Due to “Measures for public companies to postpone shareholders' meetings for pandemic prevention”announced by the FSC, the Company suspended the convening of a shareholders’meetings from 24 May to 30 June 2021.
The original shareholders' meeting suspended was scheduled on:2021/06/22

The Board of Directors approved to change the date and the location of 2021 Annual Shareholders' Meeting in accordance with the instructions announced by the FSC.
1、Date of the board of directors' resolution :2021/08/06
2、Shareholders meeting date:2021/08/26
3、Shareholders meeting time:9:00 a.m.
4、Shareholders meeting location:Lin Garden, No.111, Sec. 1, Huizhong Rd., Xitun Dist.,Taichung City
5、Cause for convening the meeting, please refer to material information published on: 2021/03/19 (MOPS)
6、Method of convening shareholders meeting:in person
7、Any other matters that need to be specified:

(1) The shareholders registered as of the book closure date for the original shareholders’meeting scheduled on June 22, 2021 have the right to attend the shareholders' meeting.
According to the public notice No. 1100362665 announced by the FSC on June 29, 2021, instead of mailing notices of postponement of shareholders’meetings, the Company only makes the announcement as material information on the MOPS.
(3) For any changes of shareholders’meeting due to actual situation or according to instructions from the competent authority, the Chairman shall be authorized by the board of directors with full power to handle matters related to the meeting in accordance with the competent authorities’regulation.

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