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Extension of Safe Agriculture

Extension of Safe Agriculture / SN Integrated Pest Management (SN IPM)

We organize observation meetings, demonstration fields, seminars, identification of field abnormalities (diseases, pests, pesticides, physiological disorders, etc.) and suggestions for control measures to provide farmers with appropriate technical information and technical support. Starting from the “Sinon Agricultural Experiment Center”, we conduct research on pest control drugs for extreme climatic conditions and setting of the sex pheromones in the field. We also help farmers to build up their production and marketing histories by ensuring the safety of agricultural products and the use of drugs, and by achieving a highly efficient and cost-effective cultivation management model.


Advocacy for crop cultivation precaution matters

During the crop cultivation period, we provide crop cultivation precautions, use low-toxic, safe, and effective control materials, and integrate pest control strategies to provide farmers with a complete portfolio of pharmaceuticals.
Concurrently, advocate the farmers to practice reasonable agent management during safe crop harvest period, reducing residue risk to achieve the goal of a safe crop harvest for the farmers.

Field experiments

Conduct field experiments nationwide. Based on the crops and climate of each city and country, find out the most suitable crop protection agent and cultivation management method. Understand the effects of the crop protectant based on actual testing. This enables farmers to gain the best harvest with the lowest production cost and the least investment, creating economic benefits. In 2022, a total of 76 field experiments and 88 greenhouse small pot experiments conducted.

Organize seminars explanation activities​​​​​

In concert with the farmers' work and actively participate in the Agricultural Production and Marketing Group, organize product presentations, evening seminars and so on activities. Introduce seasonal crop pests and drug use mandatory knowledge. Stimulate agricultural product quality and quantity improvements after use by farmers. Reduce impacts to the environment using actual data. Jointly create a quality living environment and agricultural product food safety.

Field demonstration and observations

In terms of the soil situation for the farmers, through the actual field management demonstration guides, perform the soil and crop health checkup. Use suitable fertilizer management to improve the soil conditions.
In addition, assist farmers to identify pests, and with the drug education on correct usage, provide crop solution plan. This can lower the production costs of the farmers, and also increase the quality and quantity of the agricultural products. In 2022, a total of 497 field demonstration observation activities have been conducted.

Interactive Marketing Information/Interactive marketing of Sinon Supply Centers, Agricultural Cloud APP, YouTube ads
To increase the agricultural awareness of online farmers, the Company created the Sinon flow cultivation management promotion chart and filmed a series of crop successful cultivation management videos for interacting with the public through Facebook, YouTube, Line and so on social media. Seven videos were filmed in 2022, including “Ta Kia Taro Observation and Cultivation”, “Ta Yin Green Onion Observation”, and “Nakliao Ku Yung Use and Harvesting”.
We developed the “Agricultural Cloud” APP to provide real-time information on the Company’s products, agricultural products trading market, crop insect pests and so on information search function sharing diverse product solution plans with farmers. We promote friendly agriculture and sustainable concept, continue to expand users to learn about the beauty of agriculture.