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Business Performance

Business Performance

2022 was a year full of opportunities and challenges for the Company.
Regarding the operating performance of the Group’s businesses, the domestic market cooperated with the policies of environmentally friendly development, continued to develop microbial agents, resources, and materials exempted from registration to assist farmers in conquering planting issues via adversity management and labor-saving management products, and cooperated with major international agricultural companies to introduce new products for our crop protection business.
In overseas markets, under the impacts of COVID-19 worldwide, the overall balance of cargo transportation was affected by insufficient labor and surging costs, causing supply arrangements and market demands to develop in deviation from our experience.

Despite this rare situation, the Company's sales volume grew due to an increase in new customers and new registrations. Overall, the Company has strengthened its strategic integration and core competencies in the supply chain, drug certification maintenance, and new product development to boost the profitability of the crop protection business. The revenue of crop protection business reached NTD 15.23 billion in 2022.
As for subsidiaries, Funcom Supermarket has accelerated digital-supported operations, and optimized the services of group buying, live streaming, and delivery platforms through OMO and diverse-channel marketing as well as actively shared the brand value of food safety control with consumers. Yumei Biotec Corporation has maintained stable business growth, its sales and distribution of agricultural product businesses have entered various large-scale stores, supermarkets, and franchise catering industries, with expanded collaboration on supply and distribution. Meanwhile, household goods focus on aspects of environmentally friendly, natural and organic, and medical cleaning products for market segregation to improve the added value of products and increase profits. The operating revenues for 2022 are: NTD 4.52 billion for supermarket, NTD 2.31 billion for household supplies and catering services, and NTD 980 million for other business.
Under the ever-changing macroeconomic environment, Sinon Group has created its best operating performance of all time. In 2022, our consolidated operating revenue was NTD 23 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 23.6%, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company was NTD 1.65 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 79.2%, and our earnings per share reached NTD 3.92.
Direct Economic Value Generated and Distributed by the Organization
Unit: NT$ million
Items Essential Factors 2019 2020 2021 2022
Direct economic value of production Income 17,081 17,484 18,646 23,043
Distributed economic value Operating cost 12,541 12,780 13,431 16,548
Employee salary and welfare(Note 1) 2,534 2,625 2,776 2,871
Dividend paid to shareholders(Note 2) 547 547 756 1,177
Dividend paid to government(Note 3) 210 146 142 294
Community investment(Note 4) 1 1 1 1
Economic value retained (Note 5) 1,248 1,385 1,540 2,152
Note 1: Includes bonuses, labor and health insurance, pension and so on fees on workforce
Note 2: Distributed cash dividends
Note 3: Paid income tax
Note 4: Charity expenses in the form of donations to charity groups and communities
Note 5: Economic value retained = Direct economic value of production - Distributed economic value
Scope of Business
Crop protection is the corporate core capability of Sinon. With refined manufacturing technologies in the upstream, Sinon researched and developed environmental-friendly crop protection products. For the midstream, we have set up Sinon supply centers and plant doctors throughout Taiwan; integrate crop cultivation and pesticides for combined professional knowledge to provide farmers a comprehensive crop protection and nutrition cultivation solution plan, guiding farmers to produce safe agricultural products. Combining the resources of Sinon supply centers and farmers, cross into fresh supermarkets, institutional food, agricultural products logistics and sales, household products and so on businesses, connect with the production chain of safe foods and household products, providing end consumers food safety assurance from seed to table.
The environmental sustainability philosophy is extended to the overseas area. The subsidiaries or operating locations continue the new model crop protection promotion, providing global farmers and customers products and services of good quality contributing to agriculture development.