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Material Topics
Business results
Impact Description
The Company's profitability and sales growth are stable; thus, the Company can contribute positively to its stakeholders in internal, environmental, and social aspects.
With environmental sustainability and sustainable agriculture as the goals, conducted research and development in innovative products to provide crop protection solutions and nutrition cultivate solution plans in the pursuit of a stable profit growth. Developed the three-year operations plan and guide with regular reviews of operational performance.
  • The management leads all employees in the implementation of corporate ethical management. Continue to advance the Board of Directors’ function and performance, risks control and enhance the completeness and transparency of information disclosure. Organize various corporate ethical management promotion and education building a strong corporate governance system.
Responsibilities and Appeal Mechanism:
  • Establish a Chief Corporate Governance Officer to implement the corporate governance matters.
  • Set up the company spokesperson, investor mailbox, and ethical corporate management whistle-blowing mailbox to respond to stakeholders on both positive and negative feedbacks.
Medium- and
long-term goals
Continuous profit and advancements in corporate ethical management mechanism
Short-term goals &
2022 Goal achievements
Positive growth in revenues
Consolidated revenue was NTD 23 billion, YoY 23.7%, net profit attributable to owners of parent was NTD 1.65 billion, YoY 79.2%.

Stay in the top 5% of the Corporate Governance Evaluation
Ranked among the 10% of non-financial or electronic listed and OTC companies with a market value over NTD 10 billion in the Corporate Governance Evaluation