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Workplace Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Management System / Sinon-Productive-Management(SNPM)

The Company's WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area has been executing the occupational health and safety management system for many years. Since 2005, it has introduced the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities and promoted Sinon-Productive-Management (SNPM), and successive connection with international standards, strengthening the management system structure, and established a systematic environmental protection and occupational health and safety management system mechanism. The implementation targets include employees, vendors and outsourced contractors.

In 2019, the Company's WANG-TIEN FACTORY passed ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system verification. The scope covers related activities for the design and production of the synthetic pesticide technical, pesticide formulation, and fertilizer of the WANG-TIEN FACTORY. Through systematic management to reduce the occurrence of occupational hazards and occupational illness, protecting labor safety and health, and to meet the requirements of competent authority, customers, employees and so on stakeholders. On February , 2022, passed the ISO450012018 re-evaluation review and added the certification scope to include WANG-TIEN 2nd FACTORY and BIOLOGICAL FACTORY.

When employees have safety concerns of the workplace, it is stipulated in the Company's safety and health work rules that "when discover immediate danger during performing of duties, one may under the circumstance that it is not dangerous and it is safe for other workers, stop work by themselves and leave to move to a safe place". The reporting procedures for the occupational hazard and dangerous situation have also established. Workers can report to their direct supervisors immediately.
Safety and Health Committee
Under the leadership of the senior management, the SNPM Promoting Committee acts as the guiding unit, the Work Safety Department will coordinate and promote various businesses of occupational health and safety management. The businesses are such as regular audits, convening of meeting discussions and reviews, and implementation of Sinon's management plan. The General Manager will regularly convene related manager and employee nomination committee's "Occupational health and safety Committee and SNPM Promotion Group Meeting" to discuss and deliberate related safety and health issues and suggestions. The safety and health information and policy resolved at the meeting shall be fully conveyed to every employee and vendor.

When employees have any suggestions related to occupational health and safety issues, they can fill out the "Environment, safety and health opinion form" at any time and send it to the Work Safety Department. The Work Safety Department will coordinate related unit for handling of the issue; Vendors can raise suggestions during the Coordination Group Meeting. Any matters responded by the employee or vendor will be reported to the "Occupational health and safety committee and SNPM promotion group" for deliberations. Furthermore, the General Manager will have a face to face "The Six Rules Conversations" with the onsite employees on a weekly basis. The purpose is to convey the corporate governance philosophy and safety and health related information, and more so to listen to the thoughts of the employees for a more effective communication and exchange.

The issues discussed during the meetings of the "Occupational health and safety committee and SNPM promotion group" include safety and health educational training, self-inspections and safety and health audit matters, health management and health promotion, incidents investigations, vendor management, hazards prevention measures and so on items. On items that require improvement, the Committee charges related unit to complete the improvements within a limited period, or to establish the safety and health management plan to be listed as a project for tracking the improvement progress. A total of 4 Safety and health Committee meetings (including the management review meetings) have been convened in 2022.

Building a Safety Culture / Improvement through the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Cycle Method
To achieve the goals of zero hazards, since 2005, the Company has hired Japanese consultant to guide in the promotion of the SNPM activities, and with more than ten companies from Japan to visit each other for observation and learning. The Company is committed to continuous improvement. The WANG-TIEN FACTORY area combines ISO management system with SNPM activities and make continuous improvement through the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle method. It strengthens the internal management with 6S as the foundation and the QC technique, and through the various forms of self-inspection, team review meetings, diagnosis audit, the Occupational health and safety Committee and SNPM Promotion Group meetings, and so forth on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. This is to assure the company's safety and health and policy is implemented for the operations activities. It is anticipated to improve the employee safety awareness further, to effectively control risks and to shape the corporate safety culture.

The Demands and Expectations of Stakeholders

  • In  concert with the government directions, strengthen advocacy to the employees, join safety and health related activities organized by competent authority, and to discuss, communicate the safety and health issues and suggestions during the Occupational health and safety committee and SNPM promotion group meetings for continuous improvement.
  • Activities co-organized with external stakeholders:
    • We conducted a lecture, rehearsal, and actual exercise of the “Toxic and Chemical Substances Disaster Fire Drill” with Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government 3rd Major Corps Wuri Fire Brigade at the WANG-TIEN FACTORY.
    • We joined the “Cross regional interchange training practice drills and online table-top exercises” and “Cross regional interchange practical training” of Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA).
    • A special publication on “Results of the disaster prevention of Taichung City's resilient communities and enterprises” was commissioned by the Taichung City Fire Department and compiled by Feng Chia University.
    • We donated alcohol to Da-Du Detachment, 4th Disaster Relief and Ambulance Brigade, Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government.
  • False alarm events raised by employees 371 cases, 4RKY (disaster prediction) educational trainings 128 cases.
  • Organized safety and health educational trainings with 5,620 persons attended.
  • Completed the annual employee physical and health checkups with a coverage of over 100%.
  • Organize 8 accident investigations statistical education trainings.

Identification of Laws and Regulations, and Amendments to the Safety and health Process Standards

  • Conduct identification of laws and regulations every quarter, and through internal and external audits/inspections, inspect every standard work procedure. This is to ensure a correct safety work standard for compliance by the employees. Annual increase and amendment to the EHS handbook, 7 management procedures guides, 9 work standard guides, and 6 forms.

Management of Machinery, Equipment or Instrument

  • The machinery, equipment, instrument in the factory and the workplace fall under the self-inspections process. Regularly organize routine inspection, regular inspection, key inspection, operation inspection, daily safety patrol by the responsible managers of every jurisdiction, and monitoring of audits.
  • Build equipment maintenance history and record the maintenance items, reasons and so on, compile statistics on the maintenance frequency to develop
    predictive maintenance.
  • Conduct safety inspection for dangerous machinery and equipment in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Chemical Management

  • SNPM regular patrol inspection of factory for the labels of the containers.
  • Confirm the SDS contents and execute chemical CCB grade level management every year.
  • Every employee of the WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area must undergo the "Hazardous Chemicals Educational Training" each year.
  • Complete the toxic chemicals handling records, toxic substances release amount record application, priority chemicals filing, restricted chemicals filing, and the dangerous articles filing within the time limit stipulated by the regulations.

Monitoring of the Workplace and EHS

  • Conduct Workplace Environment Measurement (WEM) for carbon dioxide, designated chemical substances, organic solvents, dust, noise, and Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT). The annual inspection is qualified.

Emergency Response Measures

  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, in order to minimize the chance of human contact, the Company used video conferencing to join the “Cross regional interchange training practice drills and table-top exercises” and “Cross regional interchange practical training” of Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA).

Internal Inspection

  • The Work Safety Department conducts the SNPM management (conflict  inspection) on a monthly basis. The annual internal inspection found 422 unqualified cases, with an improvement rate of 100%.

Risks Identification and Evaluation

  • Regular evaluation of risk hazards at the workplace by each unit and to propose the goals and management plans for reducing the grade level of the risk hazard. There are 20 improvement plans proposed for the year.

Health Promotion
The Work Safety Department, Human Resource Department, occupational medicine physician and occupational health nurse jointly promote the employee health promotion matters. New employees need to undergo the general physical checkup before reporting to work. In-service employees can enjoy one free health checkup each year for all job levels. Special physical checkup will be arranged for special work operators. In addition, for employees who meet the cancer screening conditions, they will be encouraged to take the screening for oral cancer, colorectal cancer, female cervical cancer and female breast cancer at the same time when they are going to undergo the health checkup.

According to the health checkup results each year, statistics for comparison of abnormal rate and abnormal items for each unit will be compiled. There will be tracking and follow-ups for employees with high health risks. The individual abnormal items will be divided into grade levels to facilitate management and follow-ups. The occupational medicine physician and occupational health nurse will conduct the individual health guidance and interview, in concert with every half a year workplace environment measurement data for research. This can enable a better understanding of the hazard factors and for proposal of preventive educational training plan assisting employees for a better health management.

In addition to health guidance and interview, the workplace health promotion seminars are also organized inviting related medical experts and occupational specialists. We are committed to promoting the knowledge and importance of chronic disease prevention, quitting smoking and betel nuts, cancer prevention, cardiovascular disease prevention, metabolic disease and obesity prevention, and occupational disease prevention to enhance employees' health awareness.

There is one medical room at the WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area equipped with emergency medical supplies and equipment. An emergency rescue box is installed at every unit to benefit employees for use when needed. To increase the emergency rescue safety quality, apart from establishing emergency rescue personnel based on the number of persons in the company and the type of work, there are the medical oxygen cylinders and automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) installed onsite. All employees of the factory will have to participate in the CPR+AED practice drills as part of the workplace safety emergency rescue system.

In 2022, organized the health promotion activities. A total of 1,549 persons participated. Main topics include:

Educational Seminar

  • Health seminar 1: Interpreting medical exam reports
  • Health seminar 2: AED+CPR operation exercises
  • Health seminar 3: Understanding Dementia
  • Health seminar 4: Heat Hazard Types and Treatment
  • Health seminar 5: Prevention of skeletal muscle hazards associated with office work

Health Consultation

  • Health checkup abnormalities tracking management or health guidance (onsite physician to conduct one-to-one interview guidance)
  • Occupational physician will be onsite for 3 hours every month. Each person has 15 minutes of one-to-one consultation time each time
  • Health consultation by the nurses

Health Checkup Activities

  • Annual employee health checkup
  • Special health checkup for special operation

Occupational Hazard Prevention
The Company has established procedures for incidents investigations for accidental incidents or false alarm events. Through reporting, investigations, reviews/improvements and advocating to prevent accidents or false alarm events to occur again. The unit will organize the reporting process of the incidents or false alarm events and analyze the reasons for the occurrence based on procedures and draft improvement measures. Before implementation of the improvement measures, the unit shall conduct the risk evaluation. When unable to reduce the risk, shall draft a new countermeasure. Continue to drive improvements subsequently based on the goal and management plan. Lower the risk grade level from high to low. In terms advocacy, every unit will advocate internally. Furthermore, the Work Safety Department will organize the incidents investigations educational trainings for all employees of the factory each quarter. In 2022, advocacy has been made for 8 incidents and false alarm events.

There were 2 incidents of employee disabling injuries and 1 non-disabling incident. There had been no occurrence of death events or occupational diseases in 2022. The two types of disabling injuries were contact with hazardous materials and fall injuries. The improvement was carried out by eliminating and replacement means in the incident unit. After review, the relevant operation standards were revised and staff education was conducted to prevent such incidents from happening again. In 2022, there have not been any occurrences of incidents in injuries during work for the contractors of the WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area.

To implement safety and health management, the Company formulated the proactive performance indicators and passive performance indicators to understand the effectiveness of the safety and health measures. The proactive performance indicators include increasing the personnel safety awareness educational trainings (4RKY), increasing the false alarm events reporting rate and so on indicators. This is to encourage employees to actively participate in various safety and health activities and to raise opinions for improvements to achieve the goals of hazard prevention; Passive performance indicators are the FSI, FR, SR, and so on indicators as a reference for performance comparison.

In 2022, the occupational health and safety performance of the WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area has exactly achieved the established goals. The Company continues to advance for improvements placing efforts in reaching the zero occupational hazards goal.

WANG-TIEN FACTORY Area EHS Performance Goals