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Sinon Orchids
Dedicated to cultivating flowers of love for you

Founded in 2000, Sinon Orchids features a 20,000m2 greenhouse in central Taiwan (consisting of a 9,000m2 moth orchid greenhouse and an 11,000m2 Dutch-style controlled environment greenhouse). Furthermore, Sinon Orchids has engaged in contract farming and OEM manufacturing with small farmers to produce one million flask seedlings, small seedlings, large seedlings, spiking seedlings, flower plants, and freshly cut flowers annually for orchid markets around the world.

  1. Cultivating high-quality flask seedlings, 8cm medium seedlings, 12cm large seedlings, and spiking seedlings for countries worldwide, as well as supplying flower plants and freshly cut flowers.
  2. Rigorously selecting stable and flowering species.
  3. Adopting a PRIVA control system to control the growth environment coupled with cold chain management in order to ensure the highest quality.
  4. Implementing SOPs that are designed for cultivating premium moth orchids. Sinon Orchids also has a greenhouse accredited for exporting seedlings to the US and a flower forcing and packing factory whose management systems and regulations are accredited for exporting to Australia.
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