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Improving Lives for More Than 60 Years

Founded In 1955, Sinon Corp. Started as a single small-sized production-and-distribution agrochemical factory, and had expended into a group of more than a dozen industries: chemicals, biotechnology, plastics, concrete, food, supermarket, household products, organic farms etc.
In order to promote our operation performance and achieve the business goal, the business department had adopted a profit-centered system, empowerment, responsibility on each level, target management and performance reviewing system.
To purse sustainable management and continuous growth of Sinon Corp. , we set out to combine the goals of both the employees and the company by focusing our core business, molding an internal enterprising environment and by cultivating capable personnel with international vision. Based on the business philosophy of “Delivering Integrity and Equity, Bringing Prosperity and Growth.”, Sinon Corp. has always endeavored to create welfare for the employee and resume our responsibility to the society by providing service to the public and give feedback to the society.
Business Concept

Delivering Integrity and Equity,
Bringing Prosperity and Growth.

Coordinated Operations,
Strict and Impartial Management
For Superb Quality
  • Mission

    Building solid strengths for our employees and shareholders
    practicing sincere and honest business values to be returned to the society.

  • Vision

    Establish a balanced and happy work environment.
    Ensure that every member can focus on assignment, and
      provide a promising career path surpassing the peer.
    Contribute to strengthen Taiwan for the global arena.


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